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If you wish that your teeth were whiter, you are not alone. Our teeth can become easily stained through years of consuming beverages like tea, coffee or red wine. Smokers also commonly have stained teeth. Over-the-counter products are available to help whiten teeth, but many people are dissatisfied with the weak results that they offer. In most cases, it pays to undergo a professional teeth bleaching treatment that offers real results.

Teeth bleaching procedures are extremely popular and offer superior results to that of home teeth whitening kits and strips. Only one treatment at Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County can make your teeth many shades whiter, giving you that Hollywood look.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

Undergoing a professional teeth whitening procedure is very simple and not all that different from a number of over-the-counter systems. The difference is that we offer superior results using a special whitening gel and custom-made trays. We utilize two systems in the office, Zoom and Opalescence, which use a peroxide-base gel that breaks down stains at the molecular level. Oxygen will help to remove stains that have been on your teeth even for years.

A professional teeth bleaching treatment offers more dramatic results in a quicker time than store-bought strips or gels. If you continue following up with teeth whitening treatments, you will have whiter teeth than you ever dreamed of. 

Zoom Bleaching

Zoom teeth whitening is a popular technique for whitening teeth because it provides whitening in a very rapid time. This is a quite effective whitening technique for most people.

If you undergo a Zoom whitening treatment, it begins with the placement of a protective cover over your lips and gums to protect them. Only your teeth will be exposed during the treatment. A special whitening gel is applied to your teeth, which remains in contact for about 15 minutes. A special lamp is used, along with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which effectively will remove any stains found on your teeth. Additional gel will be applied at 15 minute intervals. The entire process should last about 45 minutes.

After your teeth have been whitened, you will have a different kind of gel applied to your teeth to help minimize sensitivity. Prior to leaving your appointment, you'll be provided with a touch-up kit. You will also receive recommendations about foods and beverages that you can eat and drink.

Can Zoom treatment be performed on cavities and dental crowns?

Zoom whitening is not able to whiten any foreign material. The system was developed only for the whitening of tooth enamel. It is more appropriate to have your teeth whitened prior to having a cavity filled so that the new shade of your teeth matches your dental work. The same is true for dental crowns.

Is any pain or discomfort involved with professional teeth whitening?

In contrast to quite a few teeth whitening kits available at department stores or local drugstores, professional teeth whitening does not lead to significant tooth sensitivity. You will be provided with detailed instructions on caring for your teeth to avoid any tooth sensitivity.

When we perform a teeth whitening procedure in our office, we will be protecting your lips and gums to reduce the risk of developing post-treatment sensitivity.

Can teeth whitening harm my teeth?

Performed by a trained professional, the chances of your teeth sustaining any damage during a teeth whitening treatment are next to none. If you are considering attempting an at-home treatment, it may be a different story. Far too many home experimenters have caused damage to their tooth enamel when attempting the treatment themselves.

Porcelain Veneers

One permanent option for whitening the teeth is to have porcelain veneers placed on them. Veneers are thin shells that we attach to the teeth to correct minor cosmetic issues like chips or misshapen teeth. Porcelain veneers are known for providing superior stain-resistant aesthetics. However, if cost is a factor, you may want to stick with professional teeth whitening treatments in our office.

Teeth Whitening Results

Everyone is different, and teeth whitening results can vary from individual to individual, based upon your natural teeth color and the degree of whiteness that you prefer. Your results will last longer if you undergo follow-up treatments, since teeth can again become stained. Avoid the consumption of beverages like tea, coffee and red wine that tend to stain the teeth. You should also avoid smoking, not only to protect your teeth, but to safeguard your overall health.

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