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Root Canal Procedure at Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County

If you find the idea of a root canal scary, you are not alone. Root canal procedures are a serious type of surgery, but there are a number of misconceptions about this common therapy. For one, root canals are not generally painful. They are typically experienced as no more uncomfortable than receiving a basic dental filling. Plus, any pain that a patient experiences during a root canal will pale beside what they would experience if the condition were left untreated.

We have put together some information about root canal treatments so that you understand what is involved if you should ever require this common procedure.

What conditions require a root canal treatment?

We typically utilize root canal treatment to help preserve the structure of teeth, strengthen teeth, and to prolong their healthy life. Like many dental treatments, root canal therapy has evolved in recent years. Root canals can be performed conservatively and result in less tooth structure removal, meaning that more tooth structure is available when a restoration is necessary. This also means that your tooth will be stronger down the road.

Some people require a root canal because they have experienced some type of traumatic tooth injury. Even though mouth guards are effective at reducing risk, millions of people each year have teeth that are knocked out, partially dislodged, or cracked while engaging in vigorous physical activity like sports.

Although teeth that are chipped or cracked may not necessitate immediate intervention, extruded or avulsed teeth require immediate attention to save the tooth. Even in extreme circumstances, we may be able to save most of a tooth or all of a tooth.

Types of Dental Trauma

* Fractured or cracked tooth: Many people grind or clench their teeth, resulting in fractures. Tiny cracks can develop in teeth and cause sensitivity with nerves. When these cracks grow larger, bacteria can enter and lead to infection. In the case of a cracked tooth, we will microscopically examine it to ascertain the location and extent of the tooth crack. A superficial crack can be immediately restored. In the case of an extensive crack, extraction is sometimes necessary, in which case we will be discussing restorative options with you.

* Damaged dental pulp: The dental pulp is the soft tissue found at the center of your tooth. The hard outer shell of the tooth is not actually living material. But the dental pulp is organic tissue that contains nerves and a blood supply. Traumatic damage can occur to the dental pulp, which becomes inflamed. A cavity can develop and allow bacteria to enter a tooth. If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in your mouth, contact us so that we can check it out.

Root Canal Therapy

You may be surprised to learn that almost 15 million people have root canal procedures performed annually. Unfortunately, a number of people will put off needed treatment because they have fears about the process. However, early intervention leads to improved outcomes for dental procedures.

The actual root canal procedure is actually quite simple, and can take place in a minimum number of visits. We begin by numbing the area of treatment. Once we have thoroughly cleaned out bacteria and any debris, we will seal your tooth to protect against additional decay or damage. Finally, we will seal the tooth from the inside to further strengthen it.

After Your Root Canal

In the next few days after your root canal treatment, you may require over-the-counter pain relievers, which are normally sufficient to deal with any resulting discomfort. You may also want to avoid chewing on the same side of the mouth as the treatment area for a few days.

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