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Oral Surgery at Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County

There are quite a few situations that require oral surgery. Although no one eagerly anticipates surgery, it may be required to ensure optimal oral health. You will be provided a detailed set of instructions prior to your surgery at Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County. We will go over your anesthetic options as well, so that you experience little to no discomfort during your procedure.

Piezotome Bone Saw Benefits

Benefit of ultrasonic bone saw such as Piezotome is that this technology allows surgeons to cut hard structure (bone) without cutting or damaging soft tissue structure such as gum/ blood vessels and more importantly nerves.

Thus, this allows us to perform complex and risky procedures such as Jaw Split, Sinus lifting and other hard tissue surgeries with minimal risk to adjacent nerves, blood vessels and soft tissues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth should become evident between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. They are called "wisdom teeth" because they typically emerge when you have reached the age of wisdom. Unfortunately, many people find that their wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space to emerge properly. In this case, we can extract these teeth so that they do not cause problems.

We will take the necessary X-rays including two dimensional or three dimensional images of your

jaw in order to plan and perform the extractions.

Wisdom teeth extractions are completed at our office under local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), serves a role for helping to relax an apprehensive patient before the local anesthesia is provided.

Tooth Extraction

Extracting teeth other than wisdom teeth is a common form of oral surgery. Some teeth unfortunately could not be saved through dental procedures like a root canal treatment. 

A basic tooth extraction is a fairly simple procedure. After numbing the area, we use special instruments to remove the tooth. In cases where there is no remaining tooth structure above the gum line to grasp upon, more complex intervention is needed.

Bone Grafting

This procedure is being performed most of the time to provide enough tooth structure for a dental implant. Fortunately, we can correct this problem with a bone graft. We build up the jaw bone with a bone graft, and put the membrane on top before suturing the site. After the bone structure matures it can receive an implant.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become commonplace in recent years because they offer a superior solution for those with one or more missing teeth. It is important to deal with missing teeth for a number of reasons. For one, the space left by a missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to start shifting into the space, leading to other problems.

Another problem with leaving missing teeth untreated is that you can lose jawbone in this area. This is because your jaw fuses with a tooth root, but it is now missing. Since there is no longer a tooth present with a tooth root, the jawbone begins to actually melt away, or resorb. This can lead to a caved-in facial appearance and other problems.

Dental implant placements and associated surgeries are performed in Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County by our periodontist specialist and implant expert.

The dental implant process takes place in two steps. In the first, we place a titanium post in your jawbone. Once the dental implant has fused with your jawbone, we fabricate a final restoration which consists of an abutment and a crown for purposes of chewing and esthetics.

Dental implants offer a long-lasting tooth replacement solution due to strength of the bond with the jawbone and lack of dental decay due to only metal parts involved. A dental implant makes one the best choice for tooth replacement if you have sufficient bone to anchor the implant.

PRF- Platelet Rich Fibrin

This technology allows you to use your OWN blood product to promote healing and growths of grafted tissue. With a specialized preparation technique, we are able to concentrate wound healing factors from your blood and add to your surgical site to promote wound healing. Compared to other techniques such as PRP and BMPs, this technique uses NO chemical additive nor foreign materials so there should be no risk of reaction.

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Are you dealing with a dental condition that requires oral surgery? Or would you like to receive a dental implant for one or more missing teeth? If so, we encourage you to contact Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County today to request more information or to set up a consultation. Rest assured, we have surgical specialists like a periodontist and oral surgeon Dr. Won-Sang Lee on board. We are equipped with the most sophisticated dental equipment for digital panoramic X-rays and dental scans, to ensure an excellent level of planning and treatment.

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I was seen a little earlier than my scheduled appointment so that was a plus. The dental office was immaculate! My tooth extraction was done in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t even realize it was out until he said ok all done!! Absolutely no pain, no pressure! The oral surgeon was brilliant! I’ll highly recommend this a million times!!

- Emelyn Gonzalez

I chipped my tooth and needed a new sentient. I called the Ridgefield park office and spoke to a very friendly, professional receptionist and was able to get an appointment soon. The dentist did a beautiful job with my tooth. I would recommend this place 💯

- Joan Gennaro

Dr. Jennie Lee was very patient and so good with my 4-yr-old son. He was at ease and sat through the whole filling treatment without any difficulty. They were very accommodating to his needs and didn't give him any unnecessary treatment just to take your money. Highly recommend!! Staff is friendly as well.

- Jennifer Rodriguez

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