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It is safe to say that no one looks forward to a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, sometimes a dental extraction is necessary and cannot be avoided. Extractions are extremely common and actually considered to be a better option than other types of restorations in some cases.

Dental extractions can be necessary for many reasons, including tooth damage, tooth decay or serious injury. The reason why we would extract a tooth is to ensure that it does not lead to damage to surrounding teeth or gum tissue. Extractions are considered to be safe and feasible because the gums have the natural ability to repair themselves. But not every extraction is a result of untreated infection or damage. For example, many young people have wisdom teeth extracted to prevent pain or overcrowding when these teeth do not erupt properly. Since wisdom teeth are generally not essential, they can be extracted so that functional teeth are not damaged.

You may find that you require an extraction for one of the following reasons:

Crowded Teeth

When we grow older, the chances of our teeth becoming crowded will increase. If you have all of your wisdom teeth, your mouth may become crowded with teeth beginning to overlap each other. This can lead to eventual problems with biting and chewing, as well as causing a crooked smile. An extraction can clear the way for orthodontia, meaning proper teeth alignment.


Decaying or damaged teeth can cause problems with the blood vessels or nerves of the tooth, leading to infection. Bacteria in your mouth may accumulate and lead to an infection that affects your gums and causes periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease. Extracting an infected tooth in this situation may be preferable to help prevent worsening conditions.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gum tissue supporting teeth. When gums become infected, they may no longer be able to support teeth, and result in difficulty and pain when chewing or biting. In this situation, an extraction can help.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common procedure, and normally the most appropriate solution for relieving wisdom teeth symptoms that you may be experiencing. A wisdom teeth extraction is performed at our office under local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is an option for an apprehensive patient to relax before the local anesthesia. In the case of wisdom teeth that have previously erupted through the gums, they can be extracted fairly easily, like any other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth (the ones retained inside the gums) are somewhat more complex to extract. 

Most of the time the teeth extractions in Aesthetic Dental Center of Bergen County are performed by our Oral Surgeon specialist Dr. Won-Sang Lee.

Extraction Recovery

We provide our patients with instructions after extraction procedures. Here are just several points regarding what to expect after the procedure.

If you are a smoker, we will recommend that you quit smoking prior to your extraction, since smoking can hinder your recovery and lead to dry socket.

Avoid drinking through straws. Just like with smoking, this creates a suction effect that can dislodge the blood clot where the extraction took place, setting back your recovery.

When brushing, avoid the area of the tooth extraction. Continue rinsing your mouth using water to dislodge any food found there. You should also avoid hard, chewy food. Stick to soft food and drinks like yogurt, soup and smoothies.

Taking over-the-counter medication or anti-inflammatories helps relieve discomfort. Please inform us if you experience any unexpected problems with your mouth following your dental extraction.

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I was seen a little earlier than my scheduled appointment so that was a plus. The dental office was immaculate! My tooth extraction was done in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t even realize it was out until he said ok all done!! Absolutely no pain, no pressure! The oral surgeon was brilliant! I’ll highly recommend this a million times!!

- Emelyn Gonzalez

I chipped my tooth and needed a new sentient. I called the Ridgefield park office and spoke to a very friendly, professional receptionist and was able to get an appointment soon. The dentist did a beautiful job with my tooth. I would recommend this place 💯

- Joan Gennaro

Dr. Jennie Lee was very patient and so good with my 4-yr-old son. He was at ease and sat through the whole filling treatment without any difficulty. They were very accommodating to his needs and didn't give him any unnecessary treatment just to take your money. Highly recommend!! Staff is friendly as well.

- Jennifer Rodriguez

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